We are excited to tell you about something new in our office and introduce you to some new friends As you know, we are all about families in our office and the relationships that we cultivate through our time together. That’s one reason we are launching the Reynolds Rascals Kids’ Club!  We know many of our patients have younger siblings that often accompany them to visits and that can be boring. We also know it can be intimidating for a new patient when it’s their time to sit in the chair. Our Kids’ Club is geared to the younger kids who come through the door.  It provides something fun for them when they visit and helps them become comfortable in our office years before they would need any treatment.

Joining is easy. When a child comes  in the office who is under age 7, we will invite them to join our club. We’ve got t-shirts and a bag of fun stuff for them. We’d love to take a photo and have them put it on the wall with J.T. (Johnny Toothbrush) and his sidekick, Topper (the rabbit)! Then, when they come back  to the office, they can find their photo and see how much they have grown!  When our Kids’ Club Members reach age 7, we move them into V.I.P. Status and invite them in the office for a special treat!

It’s all about fun and families. So, be sure to bring those little ones in to see us and sign them up for a really fun part of our office!