Want to win four movie passes? Try to guess how much candy corn is in the contest jar!

Summer is coming to an end, which means fall is just around the corner. We have filled up our contest jar with the classic autumn junk food, candy corn. And it turns out that our jar can hold a LOT of everyone’s favorite pointy, tri-colored wax candy.

As you know, candy corn is on the list of foods to avoid when you have braces. So we’ve rounded up as much candy corn as we could get our hands on, and stashed it in this jar. You can’t eat it, but you can still have some fun with it by entering our contest.

If you can guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar, you could win four movie passes with a concessions voucher! You can enter the contest using the contact form below, or submit your guess next time you visit our office.

Some general contest rules are below. Click on the picture of the jar to see a larger image. Good luck and happy counting!

  • Contest runs until October 6th
  • Closest guess without going over wins
  • If there is a tie, a random drawing will determine winner
  • Winner receives a 4-pack of movie passes w/ concession ticket

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