I was standing in the shower the other day. In fact, it was my THIRD shower of the day. Various activities that I had participated in made them all necessary. And, I was thinking to myself as I watched the cool, clear water stream down from the showerhead, that there are millions of people—perhaps a billion people—around this world who have no idea how good it feels to take a shower after a hot, sweaty day.

Here I was, on my third indulgence for the day, and I humbly considered the idea that many, many people not only have no showers, but they don’t even have clean water to drink, much less bathe in.

Compassion International is working to change that. For just $79, Compassion can provide a water filtration system to third-world countries so that families can have clean drinking water — for a lifetime!

Please join us at the 5K4H20 on Saturday, August 31st at 8:00 a.m. as we raise money for this amazing cause. It will be a great day of fun, complete with ice cream and snow cones. And the impact you can have could literally change a life.

Reynolds & Stoner Orthodontics is proud to sponsor this race. It’s The Coolest 5K, on the Hottest Day for the Best Cause.